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some really good reflection here Nigel, and a very useful summary of week 3, well, week 2!

‘I don’t see ‘it’ as something to be feared, although it’s clear that many do.’

I think that is a potentially very important step to take, particularly for ‘us’ in education technology; to recognise that many will come from radically different perspectives, and may well be influenced by all sorts of assumptions embedded in cultural understandings.

“From a thematic point of view I’ve definitely been more interested in ‘the preservation of the authentic human”‘

Indeed, but just where we draw that line may not be easily identified where technology increasingly encroaches on our bodies?

‘and, secondly, that I’m leaving a legacy in my own Lifestream.’

Really interesting point Nigel. I’m not sure I’ve thought of it precisely like this before, but it’s a really important point I think. It definitely says something about the permanence of digital memory…and does that make it distinct from our own (fallible) human memory? If that is the case, why is so much of education focused on memorisation? Is that why technology seems the perfect solution?

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