Week six Lifestream summary

As Dirk neatly summarised in his Tweet earlier in the week, the multiple communication routes have been tricky.  I’m very conscious that I’ve hardly visited the Digital Hub or Twitter all week.  Instead I’ve chosen to spend the time understanding the readings or in the two MOOCs I joined, it’s entirely possible that this was at least in part an avoidance tactic.  Was this fragmentation of the community deliberate I wonder?

Toward the end of the week the untimely death of a colleague I’ve worked with for around twenty-five years also had an impact on my motivation and I’ve only really got back to some serious studying over the weekend.  An email from James Lamb regarding featuring my block one digital artefact on his  COMPOSITION:
 project site were a much needed pick me up.  Now I just need to find some time to write a rationale to go with it!

I do feel I have a reasonable understanding of community cultures and the value of ethnography and I think my artefact demonstrates that I have an understanding of what ethnography is and, perhaps equally importantly, what it isn’t.


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