Week 8 – visual artefact

I guess this isn’t strictly a visual artefact as there’a a lot of text in it, but I’ve tried to present it in a very visual way and, in the interests of variety and familiarisation with different digital tools, I’ve tried something different.

I’ve presented this artefact in Prezi:

Please click the image to open the Prezi presentation

As far as possible I attempted to introduce some scientific rigour to my experimentation and avoid the temptation to force the results I expected.  The element of playfulness made this more difficult than I expected!

With the benefits of hindsight, in my case Amazon recommendations was probably not the best choice of algorithm to experiment with, as my account is used by other members of my family.  If anything my recommendations are more skewed to my son’s preferences, as he is a more prolific user of Amazon’s services than I am.


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