Week 9 Lifestream summary

flat design illustration of human development - self development

As well as taking part in the Tweetorial activity this week I’ve started to go back through each weeks reading and update / add posts where I have more to say, or where I feel I now have a better understanding of the topic.

A TED talk by Amber Case, that I happened upon when researching Haraway, D (2007) has featured in several of my posts as, for me, some of the concepts  she discusses resonated with all three blocks of the course.   I created this visual artefact in response and have updated my thoughts on cyborgs and aspects of digital communities here.

I’ve started to pull my Tweetorial tweets into an order and I was intending to add some commentary to them, although I’ve now seen that a much more in depth analysis of all the activity is required so I’ll focus my attention on that instead.  It was an interesting exercise in social learning and, because it was carried out in the public domain, it illustrated some of the concepts around community and algorithms very well.  My attempts to entice Twitter bot followers with keywords failed miserably, but worked when I wasn’t actually trying.  This was the original source of the cheese related content, which in itself illustrated some interesting social cohesion, particularly once @helenwalker7  had taken up the challenge and run with it!

I’ve also started adding more metadata to many of the links embedded via IFTTT to indicate why I linked them and to expand on the points raised in the linked articles and videos (this for example). There’s more to do and some general housekeeping to make the whole blog more navigable, but I feel this weekend’s efforts have moved my understanding a step or two up the ladder.