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TWEET: Cyberculture timeline

Labelled on the web as cyberculture timeline, but linked page is dead

When I first saw this timeline my baser instincts thought this was a timeline of pornography (paintings in 1478, video in 1977, CD in 2006 and virtual reality in 2016)!  However, I’m sure there’s more significance to the dates and it’s probably not the following:

1478 – First printing of Anathomia corporis humani (the first complete published anatomical text).

1977 – VHS video machines released in USA

2006 – Introduction of Blu-ray Disc

2016 – TNW is the logo for ‘The next web’. Linking back to the 1478 date the 2016 date might relate to a VR tour inside the human body that was released on Steam and the Oculus store.

The relevance here is to the periodisation Sterne (2006) refers to.  I’m beginning to see that the three blocks of this course, cyberculture, community culture and algorithmic cultures do not refer to particular eras and I will return to this later when we’ve concluded all three block.

Sterne, J (2006) The historiography of cyberculture, chapter 1 of Critical cyberculture studies. New York University Press. pp.17-28. (ebook)

Tweet: musings on block one visual artefact

I’m pleased with how my visual artefact turned out and even more pleased that it has prompted lots of interesting and varied interpretation.

I’ve written elsewhere that I can’t lay claim to having considered half of what my fellow students and our tutors have seen in the piece, but one of the benefits of presenting ones thoughts and feeling about a subject in this way is that that it opens up an additional level of discourse and expands one’s own thinking.

TWEET: WordPress

I decided to complete as MSc in digital education for two reasons. Firstly I wanted to understand more about a field that was relatively new to me and, secondly, I wanted to experience digital education first hand, to give me some indication of how the experience might feel for the learners I support in my professional practice.

One of the ‘halo  benefits’ of this is that the course has exposed me to lots of digital tools that I might not have tried otherwise. WordPress is one of these.  It’s something of an ‘industry standard’ and for that reason we adopted it as the blogging platform for our company’s learning academy.  This education and digital cultures course is the first time I’ve ‘delved under the hood’ of WordPress and it has been a very useful experience, enabling me to help our bloggers present their own blogs in a more accessible and organised way.

TWEET: Are cyborgs set to become a reality?

Taken from BBC Radio 4 website description of the programme:

“Diagnosed with early deafness aged 25, Frank decided to turn his misfortune to his advantage by modifying his hearing aids to create a new sense. He documented the start of his journey three years ago on Radio 4 in ‘Hack My Hearing’.

Since then, Frank has worked with sound artist Daniel Jones to detect and sonify Wi-Fi connections around him. He joins a community around the world who are extending their experience beyond human limitations.

In ‘Meet the Cyborgs’ Frank sets out to meet other people who are hacking their bodies. Neil Harbisson and Moon Rebus run The Cyborg Foundation in Barcelona, which welcomes like-minded body hackers from around the world. Their goal is not just to use or wear technology, but to re-engineer their bodies.

Frank meets the creators of Cyborg Nest, a company promising to make anyone a cyborg. They have recently launched their first product – The North Sense – a computer chip anchored to body piercings in the chest, which vibrates when it faces north.

Of course, the marriage of technology and biology is commonplace in medicine, from pacemakers to IUDs. But now ‘citizen hackers’ are modifying their medical equipment to add new functions. Dana Lewis from Seattle has created her own ‘artificial pancreas’ to help manage her Type 1 diabetes and released the code online.

To me the prospect of being able to hear wifi connections doesn’t sound particularly appealing, especially if the sounds are similar to those that will be familiar to any of us who remember listening to their modem or fax machine attempting to modulate a connection.

But I’m considering this situation as one whose hearing is relatively ‘normal’.  To those whose hearing is impaired, being able to hear more than their fellow humans could be a tantalising prospect.

I know from experience that hearing loss can be a much more isolating experience than, for example, sight loss.  Some years ago the mother of one of my colleagues suffered almost total sight loss as the result of an illness.  My colleague’s father suffered from chronic degenerating hearing loss that could not be restored with hearing aids.  Her mother was able to continue to be as involved in everyday life as she had been previously, if anything the amount of activities she was involved in increased, thanks to the support of the numerous groups for the blind and partially sighted that she joined.  Her father became increasingly introverted, separated from even his close family by his inability to follow a conversation.

There are numerous sci-fi movies / TV series where the protagonist’s hearing is amplified to superhuman levels (Superman, Heroes, Robocop, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  In the film Lucy, the lead character suffers Hyperacusia,  as everyday sounds bombard her from every direction.  However, (and here is the key to all this) she learns to filter and process her new abilities and use them to her advantage.

There are some similarities here to one of my earlier posts on play and playfulness.  Individuals hacking their medical implant and prostheses might sound alarming, or even dangerous, but who knows what new applications, new senses, or even new ways of learning, might be born out of such experimentation

An added benefit

One of the great aspects of this MSc is the opportunity to experience and learn to use a variety of digital media one might never venture toward or even be aware otherwise.

For instance it’s unlikely I would have ever tried ‘Second Life’ had it not been for taking part in the ‘Games’ course, and even the very first activity I was involved in, posting to ‘Lino’, added a new tool to my toolbox.

WordPress has been a regular hunting ground throughout the course and up to now I’ve used it pretty much ‘vanilla’, without getting too involved in its inner workings.  However, I’m integrating WordPress as the blogging platform for the digital community I manage, so for this course I’ve decided to be more adventurous and learn how to add pages, custom menus, use categories and tagging more effectively and anything else I come across as I trawl through the settings and other menus.

Today I’ve added a home page and an image map to link to pages that automatically filter my posts by category.  One issue I’ve noticed is that the place holders for the later blocks of the course, where there’s no content yet, are effectively ‘dead links’.  To resolved that I’m going to try adding a post for each of the categories to act as a holding page.

TWEET: How wearing slippers at school could improve perfomance

“Prof Heppell researched the topic for more than 10 years in 25 countries.  Shoeless learning has been carried out in schools in Scandinavia and New Zealand and learning centres in other countries.

“Mrs Tichener said: “We are noticing that the children seem more relaxed and calmer than usual, we hope that in time we can measure their progress and see if it has made a difference in their achievements.”

I wonder if there are some parallels here in gamification of learning, informal versus formal style of e-learning etc. in that they might also provide a more relaxed environment.

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