who’s my tutor?

 image by Patrick https://flic.kr/p/9NhjJ4

You have a course tutor for this course, who will be either Jeremy or James – this is who you should turn to as first port of call should you need any course-specific help or guidance, reassurance or additional academic input.

Jeremy Knox – jeremy.knox@ed.ac.uk

Renee Furner
Eli Appleby-Donald
Chenee Psaros
Clare Thomson
Daniel Jackson
Helen Murphy
Anne Powers
Linzi McLagan
Cathy Hills
Roxane Poor-Hang

James Lamb – j.i.lamb@sms.ed.ac.uk

Matthew Sleeman
Colin Miller
Joy Walker
Stuart Milligan
Philip Downey
Helen Walker
Myles Thies
Dirk Schwindenhammer
Angela Tsui