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Note: I chose to share these images (linked) by Nick Gentry as they illustrate one of my pre-course understandings of cyberculture: (hu)man melded with machine, or ‘transhumans’.

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  1. Renée, I’m having a look at others’ lifestreams – great to see what you’re doing, and realise how our streams (via Twitter) flow together at certain junctures. That changes my mental picture of a ‘stream’ with clear bounded edges.
    One technical question – how have you set up IFTTT to capture Twitter exchanges in one thread? I don’t know if it’s easily described, e.g. whether you can tell me the command for the Applet, but it looks very crisp for tracking Twitter exchanges within the lifestream, and I’d like to be able to draw in Twitter in the same way. Many thanks for any help…

    1. Hi Matthew – they’re not quite in one thread (yet – I’m still working on it). What I get is my post + what I’m replying to.. but it doesn’t capture the whole conversation in one post (when it goes beyond 2 tweets). Subsequent replies start new posts.

      I’ve just got:
      Title: Lifestream, Tweets
      Body: LinkToTweet (using ‘add ingredient’)

      I’ve also got retweets and @replies ticked in my ‘if this’.

      Hope that helps – though with my delay you’ve probably solved it yourself by now! If I work out how to add all tweets in 1 conversation to 1 post I’ll let you know.


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