Lifestream, Liked on YouTube: Netnography – An Instructional Guide

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Still concerned about the process of netnography, I found this student video on It provides considerable insight into the process of netnography, outlining the following steps:

1. Planning and entrée

2. Ensuring ethical research

3. Data Collection

4. Data Analysis

5. Providing opportunities for feedback


These steps are outlined in greater detail in this Google Presentation.

Important take-aways:

  1. observe the group before you declare your intentions, so as to establish what kind of behaviour is acceptable (and avoid being ‘shunned’);
  2. provide opportunities for feedback, through member checks, after your initial data analysis.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these videos Renee. They are really helpful.
    I’ve been feeling a bit lost and without guidance on this, and these videos definitely give me a starting point.

    I think this may be quite an undertaking 🙂

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