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In ‘Learning Analytics as a Metacognitive Tool‘, Durall & Gros (2014) argue for making data more transparent to students, and providing visualisation tools which students can (selectively) use to view their data. In this way, students can make data more meaningful by only focusing on those metrics which they value. The authors align such an approach with Human-Data Interaction:

According to Haddadi et al. (2013) “The term Human-Data-Interaction (HDI) arises from the need, both ethical and practical, to engage users to a much greater degree with the collection, analysis, and trade of their personal data, in addition to providing them with an intuitive feedback mechanism” (p.3).

Durall & Gross, 2014, p. 382

Further, they suggest that giving access to and control of data to students in this way can support self-directed learning (SDL) and self-regulated learning (SRL). I agree that it can – but we need to support developing this kind of learner, so that such tools can be effective, and help establish support networks for students who prefer more communal learning approaches or seek greater direction/instruction. It’s a much more exciting (pedagogically) way of looking at LA, to me.

Here are the slides to go with the paper:

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