Week 1 Review – the first step is the hardest

Well it’s going to be difficult reviewing my lifestream blog for Week 1 seeing as it is non-existent. Put simply, I got off to a false start. I think at first I was happy simply getting my head around all the different points of entry (technologically speaking) related to the lifestream blog. Being unfamiliar with most of the resources, I felt both excited at testing them out and quite overwhelmed by the choice and the thought of having to learn to master a few.  Also a slight apprehension of dispersion in the discovery and selection process.

First impressions of EDC: I really enjoy moving away from Moodle for this course. The environment is almost ungraspable compared to some of the other courses, it feels we are “let loose” somehow. Which is why I thought it was brilliant to start with the film festival as it set us off in a cosy and convivial atmosphere. Togethertube was  a fun discovery.

The course guide mentioned that for anyone whose presence on the web is “less than public” the participation mode may be something of an experiment. Having a very limited presence online, this is something I will pay particular attention to over the next few weeks. I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw this as I was setting up my IFTTT account:


I mean I get that interconnectedness and transparency is the whole point here but I always feel relectant to press that “Authorise” button and I guess that (partly) explains my lack of visibility on the WWW.