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  1. Really superb artefact here Roxane!

    I really liked how you seemed to play with the very ‘human’ image (children seem to be the very emotive way of depicting ‘humanness’ don’t they?), and the rather disturbing images of scifi and technology that ‘constructed’ it? So, this was a clever way of conveying the ‘construction’ of childhood (and the human), quite literally, through our interactions with technology.

    Really nice use of sound too – the contrast between the robot emergency voice, and the pop song. It seemed as if this was commenting on precisely what we were trying to do in this block: to suggest that popular culture (like scifi) can reveal something about out culture, in this sense an underlying fear about technology use.

    Nice work here Roxane!

  2. I’m particularly intrigued by the soundtrack, Roxanne.

    I appreciate we’ve moved onto the next block of the EDC course but I would be really interested to learn about your intentions in the way that you manipulated the sound. Not only in the juxtaposition between robo voice and pop music that Jeremy mentions above, but also why you added effects to the sound, for instance increasing the tempo and pitch of the pop music song at one point?Was that in order to align with the theme of children, for instance by making the song almost comical – Alvin and the Chipmunks-esque? Or was it intended to work in stark contrast to the menacing sound of the repetitive and robotic “Emergency!” that the video begins with?

    On the other hand the video certainly stands up in its own right as a way of provoking reflection, and I could see what you might prefer to not have to explain it for that reason.

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