By: Stuart Milligan

Hi Eli,

I enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed the Skype session on Thursday.

“It got me thinking about how individual we all are and how we all have different needs.”

That is exactly what I took away from the conversation.

It is interesting to compare how we have been interacting on this course with the observations we are making of the interactions within our MOOCs. I hope I don’t miss anything in my ethnography by taking everything at face value.

It would be easy to look at the Education and Digital Cultures site and presume that we are all compiling our Lifestream blogs and occasionally commenting on each others posts. Where as in reality and behind the scenes we are Skyping, Tweeting, emailing, private messaging, using Hangouts etc – and in doing so created another “layer” (almost) of a community.

I hope that this isn’t going on behind the scenes in my MOOC without me being aware of it, as I find it all incredibly fascinating and would love to make it the focus of my ethnography.

Thanks again for your time the other night! It was good to catch up. Let’s do it again soon.


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