By: smilligan

Hi Chenée,

I LOVE how you have presented this in Sway. It looks great!

I’m jealous that you got to experience two MOOCs. I’ll be honest and say I was tempted to change too.

It is refreshing to read that you had a more positive experience in your other MOOC – particularly because it too was provided via FurureLearn.

I’ve read other ethnographies that suggest the community experience was influenced by the functionality of the LMS – your findings certainly suggest that this may not be the only reason – which has restored my faith in the MOOC somewhat.

I mentioned to James that our interactions behind the scenes helped to make sense of the course. Perhaps if others were afforded the same communications then their experience would be very different.

It is an very interesting point you make about the pace in which people progressed through the two courses. I fully agree that the main reason for this was peoples unwillingness to become involved in the course community.

Great work as always.

(and bonus points for using Sway)



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