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  1. What a great idea, Stuart & Chenée!

    The results were interesting too – I was surprised by the results to search 5, and the seeming existence of a ‘geographic memory’ despite your setting having been cleared.

    I was also surprised that your Google topics were updated so rapidly: when I deleted a bunch (but nowhere near all – just a selection) of YouTube video from my browsing history (in youtube), my Google topics reverted to ‘none’ and did not update until the next day.

    Your finding about comments in YouTube was another point of interest for me. During the MOOC micro-ethnography, I left comments on videos that we’d been asked to watch on youtube, to see if I could get some dialogue going outside of the Coursera platform, but didn’t get any responses. Your findings may suggest that in situations such as mine (then), algorithms can work against the establishment of community.

    Super to read – thank you.

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