Not streaming but waving

Not streaming but waving

I had a blog breakdown yesterday when my ifttt applets stopped working. I started to panic a bit, thinking I would get left behind and leave no evidence of any digital life for days. Some dismal time was spent testing, not reading.

Then I decided to turn things around, thinking that silence and absence are meaningful anyway. A pause in my lifestream blog would signify something – illness, existential crisis, network problems, emergency at work … and probably nobody else would even notice 🙂

I’m quite used to technology going ‘wrong’ and trying to find the logical reason for why things aren’t working as they should, but yesterday was a classic example of letting my human-ness (emotions) get in the way of calmly working things out. It would’ve been better if I could have switched over to Replicant mode!

Only through the administration of a subtle verbal cognitive test is one able to separate humans from Replicants (Miller, 2011)

Miller, V. (2011) Chapter 9: The Body and Information Technology, in Understanding Digital Culture. London: Sage.

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