3 thoughts on “Thoughts about Togethertube

  1. Dirk

    Hi Cathy,
    very good and well structured Togethertube review! And I totally agreee 🙂
    And I did not know Lensoo Create, so I just downloaded it.
    One thing though using Lensoo: As it was immediately obvious that it is a tool which lets you record voice and draw simultaniously, I was listening to you talking and waited for something to happen visuall? So I was starring at the green screen, hoping not to miss anything – yet nothing happened.
    Had I known it was audio only, I would have been able to concentrate on the audio more. So this would be just a small feedback on a media use and reception issue.

  2. chills Post author

    Hi Dirk,
    Thanks for commenting. You are totally right. I had a limited amount of time and I can’t draw (evidently!) so I cynically used this visual tool for audio only really. I think it would have been easier if I had been explaining something like a mathematical formula or a bit of code, but for me it was hard to just talk my thoughts and draw at the same time.

  3. Dirk

    I use a lot of the activities on this course to try new things, so maybe next time just try talking and drawing. If it does not work, scrap it or upload it, saying it did not quite work out the way you thought 😉


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