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Comment on Micro-ethnography of a MOOC about muckraking by hmurphy

Thank you, Cathy, I really appreciate your comment. I’m so impressed with the ingenuity of our classmates in selecting exciting software to use – this, regrettably, is not fancy: just powerpoint slides, saved as a pdf 🙂

I think my ‘translate into authority’ comment needs to be taken with some caution – the small sample size and a sort of wishy-washy understanding of what ‘authority’ might imply in this context means that it’s a pretty subjective thing for me to have said. I think how we might recognise authority is also open to some interpretation!

That said, I wondered if it might be a question of ratio, whether a 50:50 expert/non-expert split might lead to a different sense of community than a, say, 5:95 split.

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Comment on Micro-ethnography of a MOOC about muckraking by chills

Hi Helen

I concur with Dan – your micro ethnography is clear and focused and I admire the properly academic way you undertook it, particularly the way you constructed a methodology:

“I came up with coding to thematise my notes to find the popular voices and the popular ideas.”

I am interested why, for the journalists who self-identified, their “experience and knowledge, while of significant personal use” did not “translate into authority”. This seems to run counter to Wenger’s depiction of Communities of Practice where experts in a domain do have status. Perhaps it is because they were visiting a community and not in their own.

The presentation of your work was fantastic. What did you use to produce it? I liked the way you highlighted salient points on each ‘card’ (?).


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Comment on Hello FutureLearners! by FutureLearn by hwalker

Hi Cathy,

Am pleased that you have roamed into my site! And thank you for being so kind!

I agree: it’s fascinating to see just how different everyone’s lifestreams are and what others are focusing on.

That’s a really interesting interpretation of the video; I was interested in it as a marketing tool and hadn’t considered what else it suggested about our online experiences.

I’m off to have a look around your lifestream now. Hope your ethnography is going well.


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Comment on Hello FutureLearners! by FutureLearn by chills

Dear Helen
This is a really interesting artefact which I strayed upon on your blog, I hope you don’t mind.

I saw your post on the EDC main page which mentioned feeling a little intimidated by the thought of us looking at each other’s blogs. I feel the same way and try to put it to the back of my mind so it doesn’t freeze me up completely! On balance, I think it is a good thing because it is fascinating to see how we each have different spaces and interpretations of the course.

This clip was interesting because of the clichéd depiction of disembodied faces online and the embodied person offline as if we are only part of ourselves when we interact on the web.

Your site is great by the way!


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Comment on Betty Sneezes by jknox

Really fantastic artefact here Helen! It was very clever to mimic an advert, and I couldn’t help but think of relations to fake news here too!

I thought Cathy’s point about helplessly referring to Betty as a she was interesting. It made me wonder if your gender choice was intentional? There is a link here with an old fashioned or stereotypical view of nursing, but it might also say something about societal views of service. I was also reminded of ‘Gumdrop’, and how accepting we seemed to find ‘her’ – perhaps a conscious choice for a company wishing to market an A.I.

There was also something distinctly frightening and dystopian about a robot that could signal the presence of airborne viruses – thinking here of much more deadly ones that the common cold – yet not be affected by them. Was this a comment on A.I.s ability to outlast our human weaknesses?

I also wondered about the title ‘Betty sneezes’. In the advert it only suggests that Betty turns red? So what about the sneezing? Was that perhaps a hint that Betty might develop the ability to *catch* a cold ‘herself’? 🙂

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