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Tweet! Defining and the digital

Dirk asked how we define ‘Digital Education’. I suggested dropping the word digital as it is now so enmeshed in our lives. (I think I should have said tautologous and prepend – so interesting how I replied quickly without proper reflection. Is that the ‘fault’ of Twitter in some sort of essentialist sense, or how we have come to adopt it as a society for quick and often impulsive bytes, or merely the fault of me 🙂 )

Favourite tweets! Favourited to watch

I would love to be able to attend this event, as I would have liked to attend recent lectures by Audrey Watters and on Critical Pedagogy at Edinburgh. I will look out for recordings.

The title is interesting – erosion and sedimentation recall my lifestream analogy and underpin how words and metaphors perform our world.

YouTube! Automating Education and Teaching Machines Audrey Watters

Automating Education and Teaching Machines Audrey Watters
“Can computers replace teachers?” The Atlantic recently asked. “Can AI replace student testing?” another publication queried. These sorts of headlines are appearing with increasing frequency. But do they reflect technological advances in “artificial intelligence”? Or are they reflections instead of culture and political desires to see education automated?

This talk will explore the history of “teaching machines” — a history that certainly pre-dates the latest hype about artificial intelligence. It will also examine the ideological (and technical) underpinnings of Silicon Valley’s recent push to automate — or as it calls it, “personalize” — education.

I liked this on YouTube to fix it on my lifestream so that I can watch it later.

via YouTube https://youtu.be/jJShaktigoo

Tweet! Human transhumanist

I tweeted this article on transhumanism. What I found fascinating about it was that Randal Koene, a transhumanist, was asked by the interviewer

wouldn’t a radical fusion of ourselves with technology amount, in the end, to a final capitulation of the very idea of personhood?

Koene replied by saying

Hearing you say that makes it clear that there’s a major hurdle there for people. I’m more comfortable than you are with the idea, but that’s because I’ve been exposed to it for so long that I’ve just got used to it.

We have a choice don’t we?

YouTube! Hoaxy Tutorial

Hoaxy Tutorial
Welcome to Hoaxy! Hoaxy is a public tool for visualizing the spread of fact-checking and claims on social media. You can use it a bit like Google.

Hoaxy is part of the Observatory on Social Media (http://ift.tt/1WUSKDw) and is project by the Indiana University Network Science Institute (http://iuni.iu.edu/) and the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (http://ift.tt/1ozQbHR) at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing at (http://ift.tt/2fuU67n).