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Studying different analytical tools allows us a better view of ‘the processes inherent to analysis itself‘ (Knox, 2015), allowing us to see what might be considered success under their terms.

Knox, J. (2014). Abstracting Learning Analytics. Code Acts in Education ESRC seminar series blog. http://codeactsineducation.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/abstracting-learning-analytics/

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This map makes visible a geography of academic achievement with inherent class and race implications and shows educational achievement as both marking and constructing divisions in society.

Mapping the geography of academic attainment

Big data can be harnessed for good or wielded as unimpeachable fact to direct our action in pursuit of anothers’ gain. As Enyon states,

as a community we need to shape the agenda rather than simply respond to the one offered by others

(Enyon, 2013, p.238)

Eynon, R. (2013). The rise of Big Data: what does it mean for education, technology, and media research? Learning, Media and Technology. pp.237-240.

Tweet! Never a single view of anything

Learning analytics can add to our understanding of the conditions for learning when used in conjunction with human judgement and triangulated with information from other sources. More importantly, it is a measure of wider political and societal concerns such as the marketization of education led by Silicon Valley giant corporations.