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From University of Stirling code acts blog https://codeactsineducation.wordpress.com/

New technologies of psychological surveillance, affective computing, and big data-driven psycho-informatics are being developed to conduct new forms of mood-monitoring and psychological experimentation within the classroom, supported by policy agendas that emphasize the emotional aspects of schooling.

This blog post reminded me of a recent feature in the TES about an app which records and measures pupils’ resilience by providing them with a chipped card teachers can scan to record “the desired skill or character trait”. This hegemonic practice of imposing judgement on how a student should be or feel and measuring their progress towards achieving a prescribed optimum is at the very least unsettling, at the worst, Orwellian. The emotive computing and psycho-informatics described by Williamson are based on ‘the vision of a transparent human,’ and would allow ‘students’ emotions to be data-mined and assessed in real-time for the purposes of continuous, automated school performance measurement’. The very stuff of nightmares.

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