From Blogs: A post on Algorithms

I’m reading around algorithms for my digital essay, though the topic will include Plagiarism Detection or similar. I’m also reading over MSCEDC blogs. It’s a great experience. I found this post on Eli’s blog post about Algorithms to be very thought provoking. I wonder if students realise that their work submitted to turnitin is available almost in perpetuity, long after they, and probably their lecturer’s, have left academia…..

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Comment on Tweet! Battling with IFTTT again so I can try some alternative tools by cmiller

So much IFTTT frustration abounds on #mscedc. And to think that IFTTT are currently soliciting votes for some award for making our lives easier…

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From Blogs: The singularity

[spoiler alert] If we combine algorithmic culture and cyberculture, we translate our own atoms in to light particles capable of faster than light travel. The singularity where machine learning happens so fast it is no longer possible to measure it… thanks to Matthew via Eli for that entertaining thought!

Don’t talk in front of robots? 5-min drama from @guardian, worth a watch: Probing re. ethics, us & the end. #mscedc

From Twitter: Big Data – Every keystroke indicates your mood?