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This was supposed to be an image that showed how people will claim to have a superior understanding of Google’s algorithm to such a degree that they can offer “1st page placement”. Something has happened to the image which I’ll need to rectify, but the context was Gillespie’s “Evaluation of Relevance” section of the secondary reading this week.

Just Pinned to Alogrithms: 43 Penguin Friendly SEO Tips for Page One Google Rankings:

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I included this image of a book cover because it exemplified the element of fear that people hold about algorithmic culture, the invasive, pervasive and prominent role algorithms have taken in our every day life. It also looks like a book I might yet read.

Just Pinned to Alogrithms: The dangers of big data: How society is being controlled by mathematical algorithms:

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“So in many ways, algorithms remain outside our grasp, and they are designed to be. ……”

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“……This is not to say that we should not aspire to illuminate their workings and impact.”
 (Gillespie, 2012 p26)

Virtual reality, community and story telling

I’ve been busy at work preparing for a practical demonstration and a talk about Virtual Reality. The talk is primarily aimed at Marketing MSc students, but I’ve been able to draw some of it back to this course.

I’ll dissect this set of slides at the weekend, but here’s a video I found particularly compelling from a community perspective. Stories are absolutely essential to the fabric of any community, I argue. Online perhaps more-so.

There’s more on story telling, community and VR to come, but I also have to go back and add some meta data to the most recent Pintrest stream.


From Pinterest – “Every day is a School Day” in an online community

I had never heard of this simple technique for long multiplication, so this meme hit home.  When off-topic pieces of information are shared within existing communities, it can often lead to more than one person learning something new. “Every day is a School Day”.

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From Pinterest – How to build community

For each of the steps applicable to a community “IRL” (in real life) there is an equivalent step possible for an online community. People are people:

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: This is how things USED to be in my grandparents’ time… how sad that we have to be told how to get back to a simpler, more fulfilling way of life.

From Pinterest – Online communities eventually take shape offline too

Perhaps it’s human nature, but I’d be interested to find examples of online communities that haven’t at least talked about meeting IRL (in real life).  Here’s an example of a very successful community that exists both online and offline.

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From Pinterest – Dealing with problems in online communities

I found this info-graphic and thought it seemed to have sensible advice about how to deal with the instances where the community does not meet some reasonable levels of netiquette standards.

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: How To Manage Negative Social Media Comments #infographic #SocialMedia #communitymanagement

Remember where you’ve come from

In examining the recent past, it can help us appreciate what we have now. Appreciating what we have now is important because we should never take our situation for granted. Communities and technologies come and go, but underlying principles remain the same. Whether you have bookmarks or index cards, you still need to know how to find what you’re looking for. Communities surrounding practice also need to record their history. Your motivation to do so will depend on your engagement, and ambitions for that community and your place in it.

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From Pinterest – we’re not global yet, the digital divide

The internet may span the globe geographically, but it’s a long way short of spanning all of the planet’s inhabitants.  When wrapped up in your own online bubble, it’s very easy to forget that there are still billions of people who will never access the internet that day, or perhaps ever. The digitial divide is real.

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: Where Should You be Active Global Social Media Usage Stats for 2017

From Pinterest – A cheeky reminder that technological progress is not always for the best

Forgetting the old ways?  Community helps keep our feet grounded and reminded that some of the answers we have come up with are actually worthwhile.

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From Pinterest – information overload

Great ideas can occur when you’re not actively engaged in seeking them. The fear of forgetting something important leads us to ever more pervasive forms of communication with the online communities we are part of. This PhD comic strip is not explicitly about community, more likely the protagonist is engaged in solo pursuits via a word processor, but the concept is sufficiently general to transfer to all ideas, their formation, and recording.

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From Pinterest – at the root of it all is an idea, possibly even a creative one

I feel there is something of a point to be made about the lifestream in this comic strip. We are encouraged to look evermore at multiple media types, and bring in visual (and aural) interest to the blog, but ultimately, it’s the idea at the core of it all that is trying to germinate through the layers. I feel it helps me to take hold of otherwise abstract ideas in readings, but perhaps not everyone feels that way.

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From Pinterest – reading online

There’s something to be said for printing out readings and sitting in a comfy chair to consume them.

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: Maybe we should give up on the whole idea of a ‘back’ button. ‘Show me that thing I was looking at a moment ago’ might just be too complicat…

From Pinterest – political constraint on technological development

We “need to be aware of the political and social pressures that constrain the development of technology” (Lister et al, 2009, p. 171)

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: German politician Patrick Sensburg thinks typewriters can thwart U.S. spying.
Lister, M. … [et al.], (2009) “Chapter 3. Networks, users and economics” from Martin Lister … [et al.], New media: a critical introduction pp.163-236, London: Routledge

From Pinterest – global geopolitics and networked communications media

“The ‘new era’ of global geopolitics is contemporaneous with the development of networked communications media.” (Lister et al, 2009, p 182)

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: Read between the lines,and you will know the truth! They tell it like a Politician would. Leaving themselves in compliance and innocent at the same time. ???
Lister, M. … [et al.], (2009) “Chapter 3. Networks, users and economics” from Martin Lister … [et al.], New media: a critical introduction pp.163-236, London: Routledge

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Sometimes getting away from it all gives new perspective. Our internet culture is world-wide, but we still segment ourselves in to smaller boxes. Perhaps our lives as social entities are unable to comprehend the vastness of it all, so segmentation is inevitable. Unless you’re on the moon….

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: ”You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, “Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

From Pinterest – How can you ‘counter’ anything when you are continually observed?

Capitalism needs to continually feed itself, and monitor its participants to ensure the system is never effectively challenged. Technology and education serve both emancipators and jailers.
“to be ‘counter’ is to be in opposition, to something, some ‘mainstream’. The sheer profusion of net based affinity groups with who users might ally themselves make the political ‘edge’ of the term ‘countercultural’ increasingly irrelevant.” (Lister et al 2009, p 167)
Lister, M. … [et al.], (2009) “Chapter 3. Networks, users and economics” from Martin Lister … [et al.], New media: a critical introduction pp.163-236, London: Routledge

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From Pinterest – Don’t look up

Old media is keen to highlight the fears surrounding New Media, especially as at the time of this movie, peer-to-peer file sharing was subject to urban myths and moral panics.

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: Enemy of the State (Will Smith, Gene Hackman) – 66% – An exciting action thriller.

From Pinterest – Long Tail market reach

“… the net afford Long Tail market reach, [the] audience may be much smaller than in the era of mass media”  Lister, et al (2009  p.172)

Just Pinned to Community Cultures: long tail
Lister, M. … [et al.], (2009) “Chapter 3. Networks, users and economics” from Martin Lister … [et al.], New media: a critical introduction pp.163-236, London: Routledge

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I posted this image on Pintrest because it’s a counterculture that has probably risen to greater membership numbers thanks to the existence of the internet. I am not a “furry” but have met several people online who are and chatted with them about it. This image encapsulates much of what I understand about their anthropomorphic fascination.

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I’ve claimed this image to represent something different from the intention of the original (?) author of this image on Pintrest. Echoing Lister et al’s point that the internet was built of the back of a monumental amount of effort, we should all treasure what we have in the internet, and not let it get consumed by the greed of the few.

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Meta: The following posts are supposed to be images of Cyborg, robots, political and environmental themes from the dystopian future view. IFTTT is suitably opaque…

Just Pinned to Future: Cyberpunk Atmosphere ****If you’re looking for more Sci Fi, Look out for Nathan Walsh’s Dark Science Fiction Novel “Pursuit of the Zodiacs.” Launching Soon!****

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Toward my artefact.

Just Pinned to Future: The statue of liberty head lying down perhaps the old one when going through restoration. However the architecture of the statue’s head is very unique such as the fine strands of hair with the carved detailed lines.

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Towards my artefact, clones identified only by a bar code. Also the original author’s comment regards privacy and freedom strikes a chord, generally about perceptions of technology.

Just Pinned to Future: You dont need the barcode your license is already chipped and has REAL ID linked to it. We are not free

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The ubiquitous USB format still alive and kicking and just the right size to jack-in to upload some new learning, maybe. But clearly the addict is the subject here. Maybe we’re all enslaved to the information culture we live in.

Just Pinned to Future: “They said that once you had surrendered, once you were Bound, you lived normally. Free from the fearsome power in your blood and nerves and mind, from the stares and whispers of those born powerless. Binding made you free.”

Image acommpanying an article

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He looks human. Cyborgs in the Bladerunner universe are indistinguishable from humans when pictured holding a dove, with an ear cut off, in the rain….

Just Pinned to Future: Rutger Hauer Blade Runner (1982). Coolest character in the coolest movie ever. Time to die…