From Twitter: Not every bit of technological progress is a giant leap….

Are we looking at the next steps toward our fully immersive future in Virtual Reality?

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The idea of security by the machine is taken up by Eset, an internet security/Anti-Virus company, the products and services of which I have used in the past. Fitting in with the idea of AI, but also perhaps fitting with Harroway’s genderless cyborg. We assign a male gender to this robot (or do we?), so perhaps we feel more secure under its watchful eyes than a specifically genderless design, but would it work similarly if the robot was obviously female?

Just Pinned to Future: Reference ESET, (Sep 11th 2011), ESET Smart Security 5 is here! ESET ESET [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 6 February 2016]. Smart Security Robot by Puppetworks Studios for Eset. Ideas for robotman character.

Can you decide what a normal day is, never mind a normal life ….. ?

My colleague, Thusha Rajendran, presenting at a TEDx event recently. He’s very tech-orientated, like myself. One of his arguments is that we should not be so quick to decide on a level of what is “normal” as humanity needs us all to understand what we are if we are to ever reach our full potential.

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