Instagram: Graffiti and meaning in text

‘Putting cues of affection, affiliation and other communications-clarifying elements happens through new symbols, or electronic ‘paralanguage’ such the familiar ’emoticons’…, intentional misspellings, absence and presence of corrections and capitalisation…’ #mscedc #digitalculture #shakespeare #punctuation February 11, 2017 at 02:46PM

While reading Understanding Culture Online (Kozinets 2010), I  was reminded of how Shakespeare left clues for his actors on how to deliver lines in his plays by using punctuation. Centuries from now, are our digital graffiti in the form of tweets and posts going to be understood by future generations?

Kozinets, R. V. (2010) Chapter 2 ‘Understanding Culture Online’, Netnography: doing ethnographic research online. London: Sage. pp. 21-40.

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