Comment on Colin Miller’s My Micro-Ethnography and Week 6 round-up. by cpsaros

Comment on My Micro-Ethnography and Week 6 round-up. by cpsaros

Hi Colin,

Wow, it is evident you’ve spent a lot of time on this and observed your chosen MOOC really comprehensively.

Firstly, kudos for using NVivo! I have had some experience with it and tried to use the wordle feature for my own ethnography but found it wasn’t particularly useful in pulling out key concepts. I also keep forgetting how to do the things I want to with it.

A comment you made really resonated with me, ‘MOOC users are not here to form community in the way that the type of online communities referenced by Kozinets are which led him to draw up the various matrix and diagrams in his paper. ‘ This is something that sat with me during my own ethnography. I think the communities he studied were different because they were bound by a shared interest or passion, people joined those communities because there were limited opportunities to connect with others. MOOC communities seem to have ‘a try before you buy’ mentality. Participants might not be very interested in the content before they start so they don’t have the motivation to develop relationships within those communities.

Thanks for your insightful micro-ethnography.

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