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Just Pinned to Technology: Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing regardless of it’s just pictures or in a language we may not speak. Students should write to practice. Students should write to become better writers. They all have to start somewhere. It is also important that students read.
My mantra for the next few weeks!

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Just Pinned to Technology: What are algorithms? (Infographic):
I’m trying to understand how algorithms work, how they came into existence and how they will be relevant to the future of education.

I thought I would pin an item from Pinterest into my feed because while browsing for my content there were quite a few articles from users who were very unhappy about the algorithmic changes Pinterest made to the way pinners interact with their audience and other pinners.

Below is an article that talks about how you can outsmart the Pinterest algorithm.

Another blog on how Pinterest algorithm changes and how they affect users.

Body by Digital Human

Since ancient Greece and probably before we’ve always used metaphors drawn from our current technology to understand our bodies. From the time of Newton we thought of the body as an elaborate clockwork device, the industrial revolution brought us the steam engine and the body became a system of pressures and levers. Aleks Krotoski asks what metaphor prevails in the digital era and what shortcomings in our understanding accompany these analogies.

Producer: Peter McManus.

The Digital Human discusses the metaphor of the body as a machine. The understanding of the human body as mechanical is what has ultimately improved technology. Are human bodies a product of design or evolution? Is technology designed around us or does it evolve too?

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This says a lot about how negatively technology is viewed by society, the greater issues people face while being plugged in and not really being in control of what we are consuming.

Just Pinned to Technology: Jacking in – I need my fix…

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Stay curious till the end!
 I love this image as it says so much.
The awe of our own inventions is so clearly expressed here. It also references our own mortality and how we may become immortal through our machines.

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Just Pinned to Technology: Stay curious till the end!