What I really like at the moment (June 2018)

Tweeting at politicians and mucking around. @JYDrummer and @dabjacksonyang

Open educational resources on acting – click here  This website is really well run and has many interesting clips. The blog posts are thought provoking and diverse. It is called the Actor’s Pad. It is so interesting that I am considering getting into drama as a sideline from drumming. Because barely anyone seems interested in my drumming and no one pays for music these days.

I am also enjoying yoga. physio exercises  and how quiet it is in Edinburgh now the undergraduates are gone (but before the festival kicks in).

I’ve also got my fingers crossed that the challenges I have issued on HITRECORD will attract the interest of some illustrators. I found this platform via Twitter and my nostalgia for Third Rock From The Sun. The layout is a little confusing and overwhelming at first but once you get past the homepage and read the instructions it’s pretty good. As I said, I found the site via the horrendously combative clamour of Twitter. In comparison HITRECORD seems like a relative oasis of calm. It is a bit social and network-y but mainly it is nice creative people looking to do interesting fun things. I hope there is enough traffic on the site for my ideas to be picked up and worked on. We’ll see.

I found an old podcast I did for my brother back when he was DJing more regularly. He was such a good DJ. I still like listening to these now. This podcast includes an old demo I did called Twist and Crawl where I made a lot of use of a Aphex Twin style VST algorithm.

I’ve also got a fair few new music videos up on youtube. I intend to get better at video editing over the summer. Get them a bit more slick for tossers who judge music on the visuals rather than the content. Which is fair enough, I am a Bowie fan. I know visuals are important.

By using my double-barrelled name I have successfully Search Engine Optimised myself. It is a relief to not be so closely associated with Stargate related slash fiction.