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Personality data is becoming a major measure of educational performance, not just a social media controversy – my little addition to the psychographomania of the past week https://t.co/JmDkWQ8wI5 pic.twitter.com/r5A8ZGBHTS — Ben Williamson (@BenPatrickWill) March 23, 2018 {LinkToTweet}

Which is of course just a joke. Dante just happened to be the person who took the time to speak to me with good manners and in a part of the lecture theatre where I could hear him properly. There is a lot of echo in that building with everyone talking all the time. — what i learnt from EDC (@dabjacksonyang) March 23, 2018 {LinkToTweet}

Nah it’s actually a good thing, but it’s another skill and language to learn but emojis and hashtags just aren’t appealing to me as an older man with hearing problems. Maybe I will get round to it eventually. — what i learnt from EDC (@dabjacksonyang) March 23, 2018 {LinkToTweet}