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Comment on Comment on Going manual by Eli by Philip


I agree Eli. My primary concern at first was that if I created this RSS feed with IFTTT that we are supposed to, then I would have a jumble of posts and comments on my own blog, that would be difficult to work through. At a minimum somewhat time-consuming and confusing. And it is true. I only have half the class done in terms of RSS feeds for comments and already I find myself scrolling and scrolling, trying to make sense of it all.

Jeremy had sent me a note when I asked a question about IFTTT that did shed some light on how this is supposed to work. He simply said the Lifestream blog was supposed to be just that, full of stuff. (I kind of paraphrased here.) Well, if that is the case, then I guess I am doing it right so far.

One thing did strike me: Looking at my blog I got the sense that there was too much; too many people commenting abut everything. then I realized our lives can be just as well. How many people do we have that demand attention from us for an unending variety of reasons? And we try and juggle it all; sometimes with more success than at other times. Then I realized also that it is so much easier to move past a post I really don’t have an interest in or care much about, as opposed to blowing past a “real” person in my presence who wants to talk to me. That’s the impersonal aspect of all of this that I may end up changing my attitude about. The only inference between your posts for example, and actually talking to you, is our presence in each other’s space. Perhaps the more we “talk” to each other here the more we will get to know about each other because we are simply forced to do it. I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about that, more than likely.


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Comment on Post-humanism and IRL by Daniel Jackson-Yang


I understood post-humanism to be chronologically following on from the philosophy of humanism rather than suggesting we are going to evolve beyond being human.

Post is being used here in the same way as post-modernism, it indicates a relationship to another body of thought. It indicates a questioning, a complication, a critique.

Apropos of nothing:
“I’m so post-modern I am pre-history” I remember this being a sort of catch phrase within one of my bands.

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