How this blog works

How this blog works

In week 1 I set up this blog, changing the theme, setting up ITTT feeds etc. As I am not a professional web master, this blog will until the end be work in progress. I use it to experiment with the concept of this particular blog as well as to improve my technical knowledge of blog administration. It will therfor never be quite as polished as I hope my privately hosted blog is, which I set up exactly the way I want it and which I see as my “official” online representation, although my active participation on my course massively restricts and limits the work I can invest into my private blog.

In week 2, I added some strucure to my EDC blog.

I kept the intentionally messy lifestram. I am thrilled with the fact that there is one place online, where you can see all I do online. I hope this will give me a better understanding of what radical online opennes means both for me and for educators. (I have talked about the socio-political aspects of radical online openness here.)

Yet I added a section for recommended posts. These posts are closely course related. Most of these should be self explanatory. If I think it useful, I will however add comments for a better understanding.

I also added a section for my weekly reviews.

By working on this structure of my blog I hope to improve the usability of my blog, thus learning how to do what so others can benefit from my work – which is basically what an educator in digital environments should do.

From week 3 on, as I am happy with the general set-up of my EDC blog, I will work on improving the blog both technically and content-wise. I will deal with enabling commentary, improve ITTT feeds etc. And I will look into using tags and improve the quality of the posts for the recommended posts and weekly reviews sections.


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