2 Replies to “Cyborg – where is the line”

  1. Really interesting reflections here Eli! Where is the boundary between the ‘authentic’ human body and the technological prosthetic? You seem to locate the boundary at our skin, and so interesting to make a relation here to tattoos, which mark below the skin. For those that make the argument that we are ‘already cyborgs’, it is perhaps a with turn to thinking about human ‘functions’ that this begins to make sense. Glasses and pacemakers allow their users to function as ‘normal’ human beings do, because they compensate for particular ‘abnormalities’ (the former rather common, the latter somewhat more serious). So, perhaps it is where we define the boundaries of ‘the normal human’ that determines how we define the cyborg?

    1. Yeah I think that was for me about the easily visual use of technology but I guess what I meant was that the technology is somehow a permanent addition or physical change rather than a choice so for instance using a computer or mobile phone to me is not cyborg but something which physically changes a body would be but is that just too many Sci-fi films as a kid?

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