Weekly round-up: Week 2

I had a play with some different software this week to try out something new.

Not entirely happy with the results as obviously, I’m not the expert I’d like to be yet but thought it would be interesting to share it as is rather than polish it as it would be a good review point for myself later in the course to see my own development.


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  1. I found the animation to be some what nauseating. Similar, to that which can happen in some VR experiences. Two things to get around that

    1) Provide a fixed point of reference or frame the movement – perhaps in this case, having the presentation appear on a computer screen inside your recording would work?


    2) Mouse scroll smoothing. I don’t even know if that’s a thing….

    1. I was actually thinking of scrapping it as I wasn’t happy. Just don’t have time to do then things I want to do. So feel like I’m always rushing.

  2. Really nice summary Eli!

    It’s good to hear this feedback about IFTTT. It’s not perfect, but it does seem to have the kind of flexibility we need for the lifestream in this course: being able to add feeds from a wide range of sources.

    I really liked some of the topics discussed here. This division between technology as a legitimate aid or a necessity is interesting, isn’t it? One might think about that in terms of where we situate the boundary between the human and the technology: the former seems to imply an authentic human ability, which the technology seems to ‘enhance’, while the latter doesn’t seem to be as clear. If the task cannot be done by humans alone (number crunching huge amounts of data, for example), it seems to indicate something more like the entangled condition that Bayne (2014) discusses? If we can’t perform a task without technology, then, when we get the tech that does it for us, we change our behaviour as a result, right?

    Great to see you experimenting with the format here. It seemed pretty well done to me, although I guess I was focusing more on the audio than the visual. I recommend thinking about the 250 word length guidelines here, and how they might translate into a summary of this sort. Everything you were talking about here was relevant and interesting though, but do try to stay within the discipline.

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