Week 6 round up


I ended week 5 saying that week 6 would be about focusing on readings and reflection and my thoughts. Didn’t happen, work and life have just got in the way and week 6 has been a blur of trying to keep up. I feel like I am especially behind with my readings, they just aren’t going in no matter how often I read them.

2 areas where I have seen success this week however are in community building and managing to catch up with the blogs of my classmates. This takes the edge off my annoyance at myself slightly.

I’ve consciously tried to join in with the twitter chatter this week and managed to have a couple of conversations, although I have missed so much more that I wasn’t even aware of and I really enjoyed a skype chat with some classmates this week where we discussed the ethnography assignment and mostly took the micky out of Linzi.

I’ve blogged a little more this week, and followed Daniel’s example when he shared some drumming from his MOOC course and I have shared some of my photos. I realised that just because I have a large digital footprint, doesn’t mean my classmates see the things I share, so I made the conscious effort to share them here where they are easier for my classmates to find.

The theme I am taking from this week is opinion. I’ve confronted my own unconscious bias this week and discussed our assumptions based on singular perspectives so I will be taking that with me as I look at my netnography.