Weekly round up – week 9

Let’s get rid of the elephant first, this week I did a lot of tidying up as the tweetorial took over my blog. Twitter dominated and it was messy, I can’t have disorder or mess. You can now read all the tweets in one nice, neat post.

Adventuring through classmates’ blogs this week also gave me a couple of smiles, Claire and I have a TV show in common and Renee found a brilliant infographic which I stole. I also enjoyed some recommended readings which tied into an article I shared from my pocket.

Youtube fun was to be had with a video talking about algorithms in the financial sector and how they are causing physical changes to our world and there was excitement as I had a play with IFTTT to try to show the potential pitfalls of humans interpreting algorithmic data. Then disappointment as it didn’t work but still a valuable thought. I pinned a great picture of a digital footprint to talk about the information we harvest from students here at Edinburgh and how we might be using it and I joined Helen in celebrating our real lecture, like “proper” students 😉  which served nicely as a chance to challenge course design for all and not the assumption of a student.

This week has felt balanced and productive and  I feel I have progressed with some of my digital choices, learning their benefits, was that the point of making me use IFTTT perhaps and I had space to contemplate and to share thoughts. A successful week.


2 Replies to “Weekly round up – week 9”

  1. Glad this week has been productive for you! It certainly looks like your been busy.

    ‘I can’t have disorder or mess’

    Well, algorithms and automation are *supposed* to bring us order and efficiency aren’t they? Maybe that hasn’t been your experience of the lifestream … but then again we have tried to create something a little excessive.

    ‘You can now read all the tweets in one nice, neat post.’

    Perhaps good to contrast this representation with those from Tweetarchivist?

    It’s a shame your IFTTT experiment didn’t work – I left a comment on that post too. Might be interesting to reflect on this in the context of the lifestream. As an observer, all I really see are posts which suggest learning is taking place. Its a digital footprint of all the website, videos, images, etc that you’ve explored, and I must assume they are proxies for your reading, learning, and understanding?

    1. Ahhh Jeremy this comment just gave me one of those lightbulb moments.

      Putting the analysation of data into terms of your job and what you have to work with in relation to this course really struck a chord. I hadn’t even considered that you had a bit of a job of analysing the lifestream data, even though now it seems really obvious! brilliant, thanks

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