Commenting on Cathy’s blog

This is a really interesting topic Cathy, I read about it last week and it really got me thinking about the recommendation algorithm we were all talking about in relation to recommending courses. Apart from the obvious of the authority in charge of the recommendations and their motives for the recommendations, I worried about how it could be used or abused by the person being given recommendations.

I know from working at a Uni that there are a lot of students who choose their courses based on how easy they think the assignments sound and how the course fits into what they want to do (like no group work). So I wondered about how we’d sell this recommendation, if we said, here are courses that people who took your course passed, would that influence students to choose courses because it might be an easy pass?


Yeung, K., 2017. “Hypernudge”: Big Data as a mode of regulation by design. Information, Communication and Society, 20(1), pp.118–136.

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