It’s the little things that make your day !

It’s the little things that make your day !

#Repost @itsjasonflom ・・・ This is one of those public school teachers who the Republicans keep telling us is overpaid at one of those schools that that rich spoiled heiress nightmare Betsy DeVos wants to defund so that she can give the money to private religious schools. I should probably mention that she knows nothing whatsoever about public education (Google her pathetic senate confirmation hearing), has never been a teacher or run an organization and that her intervention in Michigan has cost the state 1 billion and has had devastating effects on the education system. It's simple-if she becomes the secretary of education tens of millions of American children are doomed. She can be stopped and she must be so call your congresswoman/senator at 202-224-3121. Please do this now, Monday may be too late 🇺🇸💔

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When a physical and personal connection helps social inclusion and empowerment…


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