Can you outsmart an xMOOX?

Can you outsmart an xMOOX?

After week one of my xMOOC I was left feeling disheartened.  After completing the multiple choice quiz first time I felt proud but I couldn’t help but feel frustrated. If I wanted, I could submit until reaching an 80% pass mark.

Although content was delivered in the same format throughout week two, I didn’t seem to have the motivation to get through the course content and took hardly any notes.  Unprepared, I decided to guess the quiz with only the knowledge that I retained from technology somnambulism. The results of the quiz came back at 60% but told me which answers were incorrect. I clicked retake and to my surprise the questions were different. I sat upright in my seat and the competitive Linzi was back! I looked through notes (only half the amount as week 1) and found myself valuing the course again.

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