Super conversation around your work here Renée! I actually thought the sound quality was deliberate, to represent a phone call between the two people – perhaps a comment on old media / ‘new media’?

Nevertheless, using a dialogue to discuss a lack of dialogue (in the MOOC) was really clever, and allowed you to cover lots of insights and conclusions in a really creative way.

As has been commented above by Stuart and others, the limitations of the software is a really strong conclusion here about the potential for ‘community’ to emerge in this space. I hadn’t realised that the platform in question is so difficult to navigate, specifically in terms of finding people and conversations.

In that sense, I thought the (phone) conversation was a nice way to illustrate the need to take connections ‘elsewhere’ as Linzi commented.

So, despite the lack of micro-soldering skills, your micro-ethnographic skills are certainly on show, nice work!

from Comments for Renée’s EDC blog http://ift.tt/2me3FuI

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