Learning Analytics and Algorithms influencing Education

Learning Analytics and Algorithms influencing Education

This week, I have been the main contact for my Higher Dance and HNC pupils. With one week until external examination they are feeling the pressure and are relying on myself as their teacher for guidance and pastoral support. I have worked with the pupils over a period of time which gives great insight and an understanding of the class as a  group of individuals with a variety of personalities and learning needs. If I were to record and document their process using an app such as Class dojo there may well be certain pupils that come across as similar in statistics but the learning process, performance qualities and personal skills would not transpire. I find it very difficult to accept that algorithms and technology may be responsible for the opportunities available to the future academic generation. Humans have an ability to read each other and process information that algorithms may miss. Eynon (2013) states Big Data as a ‘technical fix’ rather than tools to empower and support. If we were to use the Learning Analytics to understand behaviour through a holistic approach then the patterns would increase in value.


Eynon, R. (2013). The rise of big data: What does it mean for education, technology, and media research? Learning, Media and technology, 38(3), 237-240. DOI. 1080/17439884.2013.771783.

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March 12, 2017 at 08:28AM
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