Week 8 Summary

Week 8 Summary

This weeks theme has been algorithms, algorithms and algorithms. I must admit that I didn’t entirely understand how to explain an algorithm and this was highlighted on my weekly Skype chat with Dirk, Chenée, Stuart and Anne. I mean, I knew it was a process that involved a sequence of actions to perform calculations, reasoning or data processing but in regards to computer science I couldn’t put it into words. I spent the week looking at videos, a blog, recommended blogs and articles discussing algorithms. I even watched BBC Bitesize to listen to the description in the simplest form. The week involved a video that highlights the importance of female role models in childrens books,  a bookmark using Medium, a TED talk podcast , an article on students public and private distribution of identity when involved in social media projects and how algorithms affect the workplace and/or may influence education accquirement and attainment.  I met with James Lamb to discuss dance in regards to assessment, I played around with an emojicon experiment, I acknowledged that my Fabletics account may not be so personalised and that they may need to rethink my beachwear options. My YouTube account was overloaded with 360 degree videos because of last weeks viewings and my Facebook account made me laugh as it combined my love of dance and humour in this recommended video. The video that went viral of a BBC broadcast got me to appreciate life behind the scenes and I was also left amazed as scientific research and technology allows us to capture footage of a 20 week foetus through algorithms. The use of algorithms in social media makes me question the need to expand our interactions and I finish the week with a conclusion that humans have a sense of awareness that can surpass technology and the algorithm.

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  1. ‘I knew it was a process that involved a sequence of actions to perform calculations, reasoning or data processing’

    Sounds like a pretty good definition to me. And I think that a definition that tries to encompass something broader that just a ‘computer science’ definition, or a technical one, is very appropriate – this week we are trying to recognise the ways social life is entangled in, and part of the algorithmic.

    Looks like you’ve been really active this week – I really liked your play with emoticon recommended algorithms, as well as your questioning of your ‘personal shopper’. Uncovering the algorithms at work in the (sometimes mundane) aspects of our life is just the kind of activity we want this week!

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