A colleague writes vs.academic Caesars: https://t.co/aEDGbWbn8Q How do they sound in other academic contexts, esp. armed with tech? #mscedc

A quick end-of-week late-addition from a blog written by a colleague and friend. I like the way Brad links the issue to our context, both as a Christian institution and a small one at that.

As my Tweet asks, I’m wondering if this vision is attractive for others on EDC, in light of our readings and explorations within digital cultures.

The article Brad refers to doesn’t mention technologies, but every Caesar needs his armies. In saying that, I’m not wanting to paint technology as negative but, as other posts last week and this week have demonstrated, technologies are far from neutral. As Bayne (2015) contends, technology not so much ‘enhances’ education as, rather, it changes it, and charges it with the energies of new possibilities – and educational managerialism is subject to similar dynamics, too.

Original article: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/features/case-academic-caesars


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