Chimera of the Week, Number 2: we need a human-watchdog for AI: Why did I first type ‘watchgod’ by mistake? #mscedc

This article both resonates with last week’s postings, looking at the potential risks identified for certain technologies, especially algorithms, and also illustrates the critical insights in Bayne (2015) regarding the absence of simple ‘enhancement’ from technology.

Here, that latter point is amplified by this article’s hope that “a trusted third party body” can hold the complexities at bay and allow scrutiny and auditing to enable transparency and fairness. I’m left wondering if this is like the alleged time when King Canute sought to hold back the tide.

After all, who is the auditor of the auditor? The reflexivity reported by Hayles (1999: 8-9) looms into view:

“it confuses and entangles / the boundaries we impose on the world in order to make sense of that world. Reflexivity tends notoriously towards infinite regress.”

Also, the article amused me, in light of Haraway’s (2007) rendering of the cyborg. Would this “third party body” be human, machine or both? And it’s also a watch-dog! Chimera material, most definitely.