Liked on YouTube: A Tale Of Transhumanism

This YouTube film was made by Herr Schwindenhammer, a fellow student on EDC. I’m really appreciating his use of different modes to communicate his points, beginning with his live podcast last week.

Below, at the bottom of this post are the questions Herr Schwindenhammer asks. To answer one, I found Miller (2011: 213) helpful for distinguishing transhumanism (here linked by Miller to extropianism) from posthumanism:

“Unlike some of the other shades of posthumanism (notably ‘extropianism’ below), the notion of the cyborg keeps the body firmly in view by emphasising technology as embodied (Bell, 2001). As a result, cyborgs mark out a series of questions about the boundaries of the body.”

Transhumanism seems close to humanism, as defined by the Western secular-liberal tradition. But Knox (2015: 2) speaks of the humanist human subject as “a bounded entity, entirely separate from the outside world of objects: technologies, environments, and other ‘nonhuman’ things”. Transhumanism seems willing, even eager, to preserve the entity, but unravel the bindings.


A Tale Of Transhumanism
Where will technology lead us? Or where will we lead technology?

If you find this little film entertaining, if it makes you think or if it resonates with you, please share.

Possible study questions:
– What is Transhumanism?
– What are the differences between Transhumanism and Humanism?
– What is the role of technology?
– Who controls technology?
– How does techology influence power, fame and money and vice versa?
– Why do the characters in the film act the way they do?
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