@Eli_App_D @c4miller Re. “Posting for the sake of posting”: spot on. The risk of posing by posting: just one character difference… #mscedc

from http://twitter.com/Digeded

Possibly a self-defeating Tweet, this one. Was it ‘posting for the sake of posting’? But liking the double-play of Twitter as a maximum of 140 characters, and one’s character brought to Twitter. And, over time and use, shaped and changed by it.

Also liking, within the confines of a Tweet, the decisions one is forced to make. ‘Just one character difference’ or ‘Just one-character difference’? At the moment, feeling that digital cultures are made up of billions of micro-moments, the bytes that have teeth, and chew it all over – us, included?

A first tweet for my lifestream. All streams begin somewhere: https://t.co/J9lb2HbmHx This one didn’t start here, but here goes… #mscedc

from http://twitter.com/Digeded

With this Tweet, aiming to kick off the lifestream, with an acknowledgement that we all come to the course from a somewhere – both in location, and in duration. Years and particular places, brought into the realm of Digital Cultures.

Unlike Job 1:21, we all bring something into these digital worlds.

Hello world!

Welcome to Education and Digital Cultures 2017. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Aha, good to have a prefabricated first post. Thank you to the person who put this here. A few minutes ago, I sent my first tweet intended to arrive here, and then I hot-footed it onto the blog to see if it had arrived. No sign of it yet.

When it comes, it will be topically appropriate as a start. But how long do IFTTT Applets take to work? How do I find out if I’ve set it up correctly?

Hum. Lifestream… Lifeglacier, perhaps.