@nigelchpainting Thank you for this. Very helpful to see a different ‘take’ on learning analytics. Another ‘abstraction’ (cf. Knox) #mscedc

I’d imagined ‘learning analytics’ would be a bit dull. I’m lying if I was to claim it’s my most interesting element of the course, but it’s much more interesting than I imagined. I’m enjoying the poetics and the aesthetics of the visualisations, and also the surprising elements that get picked up, highlighted, even commented upon.

In the last day or two I’ve also read Jeremy Knox’s blog piece on ‘Abstracting Learning Analytics’. It’s given me fresh eyes for the area, and I’m actually looking forward to looking further and commenting on the Tweetorial archive.

It all feels like discovering a box of photographs of you, taken by someone who is sometimes insightful and composed, sometimes a little careless with the composition, sometimes just, well, a bit random. Each is strangely illuminating of something. It’s just a matter of what, exactly.

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