‘Digital dilemmas’ looks like a new feature in the Guardian https://t.co/QODoNwDVq3 I wonder what dilemmas EDC has thrown up for us? #mscedc

I presume this is a new series from the Guardian:

‘Digital dilemmas’: a twenty-first century remake on the mid-twentieth-century agony aunt and advice columns. What questions does this new cultural horizon generate – the old ones redressed, or completely new ones?

I didn’t receive any Twitter replies to my tweet’s question, but it’s interesting (and perhaps obvious) that this kind of thing launches in the dead-centre of the community cultures block. I wonder how long until it moves into the algorithmic cultures block or (perhaps longer) into cyber culture spin-offs? Thinking about the complexity and relatively-hidden nature of digital assemblages, I expect this kind of series could run and run. And the running would quickly and easily extend into digital education.

Any dilemmas to suggest?

from http://twitter.com/Digeded