Font, a complex micro-element of assemblage (a) does Twitter ever offer choice? (b) do LAs ever analyse it? #mscedc

A cute and revealing interview from the Guardian:

It’s revealing of how, well, emotional fonts can make us. As a small, perhaps overlooked, certainly constrained (to some degree) and possibly under the analytics radar, font-choice says something, communicates something, evokes something in the recipient. It’s a micro-element within the assemblage that is digital education.

“Type should do exactly what it’s intended to do. That’s why I’m proud of Comic Sans. It was for novice computer users and it succeeded with that market. People use it inappropriately: if they don’t understand how type works, it won’t have any power or meaning to them. …. The basic theory is that typography should not shout – but Comic Sans shouts.”

It’s almost an anti-technology typeface: very casual, very welcoming. It’s like going home, back to your childhood, getting letters from family members. Or somebody might use it to get away from the staid environment of their work. When you use Comic Sans, you’re making a statement: “I’m more relaxed, more creative. I may be working in this area, but this job does not define me.'”