Provisional idea for my assignment

I’m thinking of interacting with Donna Haraway’s The Cyborg Manifesto, specifically with her presentation of a ‘myth’ which is deliberately set against existing myths. As a critique, i want to problematise her locating of the biblical meta-story, what she calls ‘salvation history’. As a constructive alternative, I want to revisit and re-invigorate that biblical meta-story, to see how far it can accommodate an alternative myth for digital cultures. I hope, at least, to establish a theologically-alert reading of Haraway and, hopefully, even something more than that – I’m seeking the seeds and skeleton for a robust biblical theology of technology, its entanglements, and humanity within it. This will be important for bringing digital cultures within my professional context.

In terms of modality, I’m thinking of producing a Prezi. This seems to be a flexible format to work within, and one which will allow me some words but also restrict purely a word-based presentation and invite a graphical interface with spoken and written words. I’ll look to incorporate images (and, possibly, self-produced video clips) into it, together with sound and voice-over.

Provisional questions I have about this plan include:

  • how to calculate an appropriate scope of the project?
  • how to use online visual images responsibly, in terms of acknowledging sources?
  • whether to ‘film’ the final product via screen capture and, if so, what kind of software will do that?

Provisional title: Humanifest? I’m grateful for any thoughts on these questions, and other thoughts, comments or questions about the idea as a whole.