Two views of the future of work – and the hopes (and fears) of automation

Last night I watched this:

It reminded me of this:

I’m not sure why – perhaps the clinical, surface cleanliness of the first film, but the disturbing undercurrents; perhaps the hope for the second film, for automation – but also its portrayal of the realities of human beings disposing of horses – or at least horse parts – down a sewer.

For Alice, the character in the first film, what happens next? Will she lose access to all we have seen of her life, and is she destined towards the food bank queue? Or, perhaps, she is comfortably pensioned, and the future is different, but still *different*. Does she have a network around her? Family (earlier in the film, we see families still exist), or even church? The future depends on networks – submerged in the first film; both submerged and celebrated in the second film.


But then, the freaky algorithmic flip-back (and a return to EDC’s earlier invitation to engage in algorithmic play): I didn’t look for – or at – the second film after viewing the first one (which I did embed in a draft of this Lifestream post). But I did play the first film within this post, today, having inserted the second one. After it showed, I reached this suggested next options from YouTube (and have a look, at the top right):

Perhaps it’s me and my viewing, but the algorithm also smells something fishy, too. I wonder what YouTube will throw up for you, off the back of the first film.