Algorithms talking, seeking community, coming to us The enduring EDC quest’n: what does it mean to be human? #mscedc

I don’t know what the Guardian was doing, leaving this film until the last week of our course (I’ll post the film underneath here, below the Twitter exchanges). But then it was a fruity wrap-up on so much of the course, perhaps Jeremy and James arranged it as such. (Classic bit of algorithmic paranoia, just to reprise that theme, too.)

The fun of it is that we’re asking the same questions at the end of the course that we were faced with at the start of the course. Not in any sense a sign of failure, more a mark of magnitude. These are the Big Questions, which are going to issue in multiple, unfolding answers.

Thank you for the link to The Day the Earth Stood Still, Philip – I started watching it, but I didn’t get to the end – haven’t got through it yet! Hopefully one day, but that, also, is a mark of this course – just the sheer volume and velocity of what we confront, Being human, becoming human, it’s all pretty hard work.


The Guardian‘s film reminded me of Gumdrop, back in the Film Festival, which seems so long ago now. That kind of recall is making me think that there are going to be plenty of ‘hey, that reminds me of EDC…’ moments in the future. I’m looking forward to them, and different slants and new angles they will bring.

For now, though, I’ll pop the Guardian‘s film film underneath here, and a link to their original article in here. An article with the promise of reader’s questions being put to Erica. One to keep an eye out for.